Saturday, April 10, 2010

America: Blowing Things Ups to Sell Artificial Cheese

Texas Stadium, the former home of the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys, will be blasted into oblivion by 2,715 pounds of explosives Sunday in a public spectacle infused with fan nostalgia and some novel marketing.

Kraft Foods Inc. paid $75,000 to sponsor the demolition in as part of a campaign to introduce its “Cheddar Explosion” macaroni and cheese. An 11-year-old boy who won a Kraft essay contest will trigger the explosive charge, taking down 4 million pounds of concrete, 2 million pounds of steel and a banner reading “Demolicious.”

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine sent the city a letter in March saying it would donate $75,000 if Irving dropped Kraft and hung a banner from the stadium warning about obesity and the dangers of “fatty, cholesterol-laden products.”

Face it, this is a fun, but weird, nation.

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