Monday, October 12, 2009

This Week in Anti-Obama Derangement

Protesters Sing Outside NJ School Over Obama Song

Burlington Township, N.J. (AP) -- About 70 protesters let
their voices be heard outside a New Jersey school where
students sang praise of President Barack Obama.
Members of anti-tax groups and others gathered outside B.
Bernice Young School in Burlington Township on Monday to
denounce what they say was indoctrination of students.
The school began getting attention from conservative
commentators last month after a video surfaced of
second-graders singing a song that praised Obama.
The protesters sang patriotic anthems and chanted slogans
such as "Free children, free minds."
The school says the video was made when a woman who wrote
the children's book about Obama visited the school. It says
"there was no intention to make any political statement or
promote a political agenda."


Anonymous said...

People are upset that THEIR children are taught to sing songs of praise for Obama-Quite frankly it's alittle creepy-One of the songs was sung to the tune of "Jesus loves me" with words swithced around to put Obamas name in place of Jesus. Since when have school children been forced to sing songs of praise for a leader than has done nothing other than get elected.

Anonymous said...

RT @CrashburnAlley: Bud Selig should just intervene and put the Athletics and Nationals in the World Series for the good of baseball.

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