Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) -- The Obama administration placed new
controls on interrogating terrorism detainees to prevent the
kinds of abuses that allegedly occurred when the CIA captured
and questioned suspected al-Qaeda operatives.

A special unit of interrogators housed at the Federal
Bureau of Investigation
will be established to question so-
called high-value detainees, administration officials in
Washington said today. The multiagency group’s deputy will be
drawn from the intelligence community, the officials said.

The special unit will stick to existing procedures outlined
in the U.S. Army Field Manual, with oversight from the White
House National Security Council.

The new controls were set in motion by President Barack
Obama two days after taking office in response to international
criticism over practices by the Central Intelligence Agency that
included waterboarding, which simulates drowning. The CIA said
earlier this year it had closed its detention facilities and
suspended interrogations, pending the administration review.

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