Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Steve Adubato Delivers A Cheap Shot

Steve Adubato, billed by MSNBC as a "Media Analyst" has written a whining screed titled Former President Unfairly Targets Media, defending that increasingly discredited institution, the American political media.

He writes:

"Bill and Hillary want the media to focus on are only the positive aspects of her experience but won’t say a word about such topics as “Travelgate;” “Whitewater;” exactly how Vince Foster died; missing billing records; or Hillary’s role as architect of the failed effort for universal healthcare."

This is incredibly misleading and pathetically poor journalism. (In the same column, amazingly enough, he accuses Clinton of "cheap shot" attacks on Barack Obama). What is his case, that the silly incident faked up by the right press as "Travelgate" wasn't investigated enough? That not enough has been written about the non-existent scandal called Whitewater? That Hillary is hiding something about the most public policy proposal to come of the Clinton White House? That Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster murdered because he knew too much the missing billing records?

Seriously, it's as if Abudato rolled out of bed pulled out a story from 1993.

This is not to defend Hillary Clinton - her campaign can answer these charges and put forward her case to be the next president. But Adubato caught our eye because the truth matters - at least to us, if not to him.

We've seen enough of Adubato to know he is not a complete jackass, but he evidently lazy, and damm cavalier about throwing around dark accusations about Vince Foster's death. Which, by the way, Steve, were dropped even by Rush Limbaugh and Rupert Murdoch, so you're late to the party, as well a discredit to your profession, whatever it is.

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