Monday, October 22, 2007


Buck Murdock:

"Lieutenant...How would you handle this?"


"We could try ignoring it, sir."

Buck Murdock:

"I see..... Pretend nothing has happened and hope everything's all right in the morning?"


"Just a thought, sir."

Buck Murdock:

"I've considered that. There's got to be a better angle."



(AP) -- Anxious to avoid upsetting air travelers, NASA is withholding results from an unprecedented national survey of pilots that found safety problems like near collisions and runway interference occur far more frequently than the government previously recognized.

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NASA gathered the information under an $8.5 million safety project, through telephone interviews with roughly 24,000 commercial and general aviation pilots over nearly four years. Since ending the interviews at the beginning of 2005 and shutting down the project completely more than one year ago, the space agency has refused to divulge the results publicly.

Just last week, NASA ordered the contractor that conducted the survey to purge all related data from its computers.

The Associated Press learned about the NASA results from one person familiar with the survey who spoke on condition of anonymity because this person was not authorized to discuss them.

A senior NASA official, associate administrator Thomas S. Luedtke, said revealing the findings could damage the public's confidence in airlines and affect airline profits. Luedtke acknowledged that the survey results ''present a comprehensive picture of certain aspects of the U.S. commercial aviation industry.''

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dan mcenroe said...

Becuase nothing - and I mean nothing - will boost the American traveler's confidence in the air tranist system more than knowing there's a really scary report out there but we won't tell you what's in it. Peanuts?