Thursday, April 06, 2006

How George Bush and Dick Cheney Betrayed America

According to the AP, citing court documents, Lewis Libby, Dick Cheney's top aide, has testified under oath that Cheney that said President Bush authorized the leak of sensitive intelligence information about Iraq.

The court filings allegedly say that Libby testified to the grand jury that Cheney told him to pass on information and that Bush himself who authorized the disclosure.

This led directly to July 8, 2003, conversation between Libby and Judith Miller, where Valerie Plame's status was discussed, according to Miller's grand jury testimony.

But the court documents state that Libby revealed vital American national secrets "only after the vice president advised defendant that the president specifically had authorized defendant to disclose certain information in the National Intelligence Estimate."

"Defendant testified that the circumstances of his conversation with reporter Miller -- getting approval from the president through the vice president to discuss material that would be classified but for that approval -- were unique in his recollection."

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